Two Classes in Circleville!

Well, today's the day pig's fly, friends!  I never, in a million years, thought that Let's Play Music would fill up a class in Circleville.  There aren't that many people here, but wow (!!) the support for music is fantastic!  I have a required cap on my classes that there can't be more than 8 kids in each class.  Today we exceeded it - by TWO kiddos!

In light of this demand for music for our children, I'm going to open
another 1st Year LPM Class (Yep, you read it right!)!  Where else can your child learn scales with floating red balloons or learn rhythm by playing with bugs? Nowhere else but Let's Play Music!  Give your child the chance to excel in music and academics while playing games, singing songs, playing bells and piano, and having fun with friends!

It's not too late!  For all of you Piute County friends, I now have a few spots left in Circleville.  If you were on the fence about whether or not to do it, now is the time to sign up!  I'm putting in an order for materials on July 1st, so don't wait!  Shipping costs go up the closer we get to starting, so after this order, I have to charge an extra $15 on the shipping!  Click on the "Meet Michelle" tab for my contact info and LPM Circleville for updated class schedules!

Restaurant Menus and Solfege!

Today, my family was out enjoying Bryce Canyon and advertising for LPM, and we stopped at Clarke's Restaurant in Tropic for dinner.  This is a really fuzzy shot of the menu that they give the kiddos to color on, but it will help illustrate the story.

You don't need to see much of the detail - the only important part is the middle 1/3 section.  It says something like "draw a picture in the box on top and then on the lines below, write what your picture is about."

Well, my little Maggie (she's almost 4) decided that she was going to use the lines for something better.  We were ignoring her, trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner, and all of a sudden, she starts begging me to watch her.

So, being a good mommy, I ask her what she wants to show me, and she sings, "Do, a deer, a female deer, Re, a drop of golden sun..." and so on.  Each time she moved to a different note, she took her red crayon (see the red line in the middle?) and went up one step on the "scale."  Now, she kind of kept singing the solfege, so we did the better part of 2 octaves (and started screeching before she stopped), but that was ALL her.

And where did she learn it?  Let's Play Music!  Was I forcing her to practice with a kitchen timer set for 20 minutes and my angry mom voice saying, "You're going to practice whether you like it or not!"?  NO!  She WANTED to practice.   Then, the whole way home, she was begging me to do Let's Play Music when we got home we may have broken out the bells and autoharp for a little while before bedtime.   Moral of the story?  Sign your kiddos up for classes this fall!  They'll love music, and you'll love that they WANT to learn music!  Click on the "Meet Michelle!" tab for my contact information.

Oh, and while I've got this post going, I just set up a Facebook Page for my Let's Play Music studio.  Go on over there and like it please!

6/26/13 - FREE Sample Class in Panguitch!

Everything is better when it's FREE, right?  RIGHT!

Want to learn more about Let's Play Music?  So will your child! 


Next Sample Class: (Panguitch)
Wednesday, June 26th
7:00 pm
At Danny and Brooke Yardley's home 
(75 E 100 S, a brick home, half a block down from Zions Bank)
**Please reserve a spot for your child, so I can make sure to bring enough supplies for each kiddo!**

What do I need to bring to the Sample Class?
  • Your child, age 4-6
  • Yourself and/or your spouse (it's a great place to ask questions!)
  • Please leave your other children at home or with a sitter.
  • Please bring any questions you may have!  If you want to look ahead of time for info, check out the rest of my blog, or visit our corporate website at
  • There's no pressure to sign up that night (classes don't start till September), but I need to have your completed registration form as well as your deposit/supply fee turned in to me to secure your first preference for class times. For Panguitch, I only have 2 slots left for the 3:15 Tuesday class.  For info on tuition and deposit/supply fees, look at the LPM Panguitch tab. Also, my shipping costs go up if I don't have my order in by August 1st, so the cost will go up for the supplies if I don't have your deposit by August 1st.