Parents, WELCOME!

Last night was my first Parent Orientation for Let's Play Music, and it went great!  Lots of great questions, hopefully some calmed nerves about what this class is, and a great time!  Thanks, parents, for being patient with me!

Calendar Info

Now, parents, I promised I would help you through getting added to my calendar (for smart phone and/or computer purposes) so you can have all the details of when my class is and isn't.  Please send me a reply email with the email address you synch Google to (I'm pretty sure it needs to be a gmail account).  Then I'll get that going for you!

Next Week's Class

Just a couple reminders for next week's MONDAY classes. Before class, you and your child don't have homework, except to start listening to that CD a whole bunch!  Please enter my house through our garage (don't worry about knocking - just come in!) and take your shoes off and put them on the shoe racks next to the steps.  Next week you DO come with your child!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Can't wait till next Monday!

Getting ready for classes!

Wow! How time has flown! I never thought I would be here! The first time I heard about Let's Play Music was in 2011, when my friend Michele Johnson was talking about how she loved teaching it, and how great of a program it was. At the time, Maggie was not even 2 and I was pregnant with Mason, and I had too much on my plate anyway.

 Fast forward to Christmas Break this year. My same friend Michele moved to St. George with her family, and we met for dinner one night. Her son, who was 2 at the time, was doing solfege and singing songs about chord progressions...and he was so young! I asked if they were still looking for teachers, I trained in February, and the rest is history. So here is where I am now...

All of my Red Balloon and Blue Bug theory books are being labelled with names and calendars are being put in the front cover. Below I have the last of the tone bell sets going into tote bags. Almost ready for class to start!