February Newsletter


All month long, show your love by giving your time.....

As parents, we know that giving of our time is what our kids need most. But time is precious - how can you share quality time with your child? As a music teacher, I understand how music activities can be purposeful and bonding as well as educational and enjoyable! Read below for insight and ideas on how to make the most of your time with your child, show your love, and deepen your relationship. 

Face Time - the real face time 

Your child needs and craves your attention - your face time. This video reveals this in a startling and eye opening way. 

Interactive play 

Playing with babies and toddlers is crucial but not always natural. The Imagination Tree has some great ideas for creating purposeful and enjoyable time with your child. Click the image below and enjoy the nursery rhyme singing basket! 

Hand clapping games 

Hand clapping games are perfect for pre-schoolers and the early grades. The physical contact and real face time with you make them invaluable for emotional bonding. The Inspired Treehouse has wonderful examples that you can do with your child without a cord, battery or screen.
Click the image and enjoy! 
My Classes 
The music classes I teach integrate parents at every level. Check out this BLOG ARTICLE that illustrates the importance of parental involvement in music education. 
Click on the icons below to learn more to learn about the classes I teach in my studio, as well as all around the United States! 
Want a spot on my waiting list?  
Beginning February 1st, I opened enrollment for families currently enrolled in my studio.  Today, I open enrollment for my newsletter subscribers.  On March 1st, I will open enrollment for any spaces I have left in my studio.  If you'd like to learn more, or enroll your child in one of my classes for Fall 2017, shoot me an email for more details.
Sound Beginnings:  Parent-and-Me class for kids ages 2-4, and younger siblings are welcome.  I have space for 1 more family in my Wednesday 5:30pm class - contact me if you're interested.  For more info on the curriculum, CLICK HERE.  CLICK HERE for my studio details.
Let's Play Music: I'm not enrolling 4-6 year olds right now, but since you are getting my email newsletter, your child can get on my preferred enrollment list for Let's Play Music Fall 2017. CLICK HERE for my studio details.
I hope you enjoy magical, musical moments with your child each day! 
Michelle Belliston