I'm so excited!  I found out the day before yesterday that for this fall, I get to teach Sound Beginnings at my home!  Previously, I've had my son in the class, and I fell in love with the program.  My boy has been the youngest in his class, and wasn't picking up the typical preschool skills taught (like colors, shapes, numbers).  One semester in Sound Beginnings, and he could count, recognize colors and shapes, and more!  I knew I had to teach Sound Beginnings!

I just got approval to train and teach Sound Beginnings in my home THIS FALL!  So, if you have a child aged 2-4 (younger siblings are welcome, too!), and you'd like a great parent-and-me class to spend time learning and playing together, click this link to learn more, or contact me to register for a class!

Classes start August 31, and are taught in my home in the Greenfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.