Testimonials from Michelle's Studio

"Michelle is very enthusiastic and makes class truly enjoyable for the students.  She is always prepared and organized in her classes.  My daughter really enjoyed learning from Michelle.  She helped my daughter learn music theory in a fun, entertaining way, which encouraged her to want to keep coming to class and practice the songs at home as well."
                Priscilla M., Let's Play Music parent and private piano teacher

"All the years of music class in grade school, and even a semester of music reading in college, and I, the "grown-up," never learned as much about music as I did from Let's Play Music!  This class is a great foundation for my homeschooled son to carry him into future music lessons.  Michelle is a great teacher." 
               Amber W., Let's Play Music parent

"Thanks for bringing [Let's Play Music] to us.  My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!"
               Dina T., Let's Play Music parent
2015 Pajama Day - Blue Bugs daytime class

"Michelle is a great teacher...  She is very motivated and is very good at teaching.  She is a friend to the students and wants them to be the best they can."
               Hilery M., Let's Play Music and private voice lesson parent

"[The students] are learning without even realizing it!"

"My daughter and I have the best time together in class!  The kids are learning so much in a great environment!"

Testimonials for the Let's Play Music curriculum

"I have a degree in piano pedagogy and have been teaching piano for many years before I discovered Let's Play Music. I am so impressed with the creative and logical sequence of the lessons, the ingenious ways that theory concepts are taught, and the purposeful activities of each lesson. Children who learn this way will have an AMAZING music foundation and love for music! Besides that, Let's Play Music is so fun!"
Laura Fletcher –LPM teacher in St. George, UT

"The Let's Play Music program is a fantastic way to get your child started in music. I have had 3 children in the program and each of them have excelled musically inside and outside of the class.  The transition into piano lessons have been smooth and easy and the piano teacher feels that because of the training they received from LPM they have been her easiest students. My children now have a love and understanding of music they didn't have before because of how much fun and education they got from the LPM classes. It has helped them focus on their school work more effectively and their appreciation of different styles of music has helped them in their life. I can't say enough great things about the program, I would recommend it to anyone with children whether or not they are musically inclined or come from a musical background. There is so much value in what is taught for music and for life!"
Ashley - Let's Play Music parent

"We stumbled across Let's Play Music four years ago. We had no idea the impact it would have in our lives. Our daughter began the program as a quiet, shy girl that lacked confidence. After completing the three year program she has become a confident, happy and very musically talented little girl I could hardly believe that my little seven year old could compose, memorize and perform a song in front of hundreds of people. This program is far and above any other musical program I've ever seen. I can't imagine our lives without it!"

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