A Peek Into Ms. Michelle's Studio...

When I think of Let's Play Music, I think of:





Before a parent signs up their child for Let's Play Music, they don't always know what to expect. Something about group piano lessons, playtime, bells, time commitment - probably all things my current and former students' parents will tell you about.  But what you can't get from talking to other parents or see in a flier are in-the-moment, live action class experiences.

That's why I'm holding FREE - yes free - Sample classes this summer. Come try out this class, with no commitment required. This is my way of giving you a sneak peek into my classes, and show you how a 3-year curriculum can be playful and fun, while still teach music theory I didn't learn until college, and develop a complete musician with proficient piano skills.  Click on this link to sign up for a FREE sample class today!

Still a little hesitant?  Not sure you want to make the leap? (Did I mention that the Sample Class is FREE?)  Here's some more to entice you.  In compliance with PA's new laws to protect children, I have completed and have clear background, police, and FBI checks.  I used to teach K-6 music, so I need them anyway, but I keep them current as a courtesy to my parents (and so I can volunteer at my kids' schools, and in my church organization).  Since my husband is sometimes home while I teach, he has completed and cleared them, too.  Also, our babysitter, who watches my own kids while I teach has been checked and cleared, too. Needless to say, my home is safe.  It is also a fun, challenging, learning, play place for your child(ren) to learn the piano.

Still not trying to bang the door down to get into a (FREE!) Sample Class? ...Maybe a photo tour of my studio could show better than I could ever describe what happens in a Let's Play Music class.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Now, before you think my class is scary...It's not scary at all!
We're just learning music (although our games sometimes make us pretend to be scary). :)

For example, we use the WHOLE BODY to learn about our staff.  Baby steps, skips, leaps, all FEEL differently; we jump from lines to spaces, and have a great time playing, too!

It doesn't take long before the kids can read chord maps well enough to play the autoharp independently.  This skill translates very nicely into playing chords (and reading music) on the piano in the 2nd year of Let's Play Music.

Sometimes, the goofy stuff we do LOOKS like we're just being goofy...

...but all of our games, activities, and lessons are chock full of music theory, ear training, note reading, sight singing, classical music training, and more!

Parents come to class every other week the first year
(once a month in 2nd and 3rd years).  For those who need a little
encouragement, parents are their safety net.
For those bubbly, outgoing, 4-going-on-40 types, they are allowed the
independence needed to feel capable, and can show what they know 
to their parent on parent weeks.  They also get every other week 
to show their stuff in a students-only class.  This is NOT a performance
class.  Rather, it is a learning place with opportunities for all kinds
of new experiences (including a once-yearly performance).

While playing games, the children (and parents) learn solfege - a music language (think Sound of Music: Do, a deer a female deer, Re a drop of golden sun, etc).  This language allows the students to see pitches in relation to each other, and makes it much easier when teaching the students to transpose music in the 3rd year of Let's Play Music (and beyond)!

Whether skipping on a floor staff,

 singing and signing solfege hand signs down a major scale,

playing ostinati on tone bells,

dancing and playing to classical music,

recognizing cadence patterns during a game,

or playing the Autoharp with I, IV, and V chords, Let's Play Music is a fast-paced, fun-filled learning adventure!  Want to see some more?  So will your child!  

Stickers on the chords help little fingers remember chord patterns.

Our puppet friend, Ed, makes a weekly visit to class.

The kids learn to help each other, and learning happens with less lecture, and more trying and doing.  The rest of the photos are ones that a caption just wouldn't do it justice.  I hope you see the fun and excitement that Let's Play Music can be.  If you'd like to learn more about the program, check out our website here.  If you live in the Pittsburgh area, and want to know more about classes starting this fall, contact me here or sign up for a FREE Sample Class here!

Thanks for joining me on my photo tour of my Let's Play Music studio! I hope to see you in Sample Classes this summer!

Recital 2015!

Each of my Let's Play Music recitals are as unique as the children who participate.  Just look at the differences in their shoes - no pair is alike!

This year, the recital was held at Technique by Toni Dance Studio, which proved to be the perfect venue!   The kids performed well, the audience of family and friends were so supportive and encouraging to the children, and the experience was worth every ounce of work.  I think everyone had a great time, and it was a great celebration to their first year of Let's Play Music learning!  I just can't say enough good about this year's group of kids!

I don't have words that would do the recital justice.  So I'll make an end to my post, and begin the photo journal of my 2015 Spring Let's Play Music Recital.  Enjoy!

Thanks, students and parents of my graduating Blue Bugs students!  It was a great year!  See you in the fall to begin the Green Turtle Shells semester!