Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

 Hi!  I'm Michelle Belliston (my students call me Ms. Michelle) and I teach Let's Play Music in Pittsburgh!  This is my 2nd year teaching in Pittsburgh, and my 5th year teaching.  I've taught private voice lessons, private piano lessons, and K-6 music at a rural, public school.  Although I've loved all of my teaching experience, Let's Play Music is all I choose to do now because I love it the best!

I grew up in South Dakota (that's where Mt. Rushmore is), and was in the Rapid City Children's Chorus, and sang in Carnegie Hall with them in 2000.  ...I was also young enough that I didn't know how cool that was.  As I grew up, music was always top priority in school and extra curricular activities.

While working on my undergrad, I met and married a better musician than myself, and my best friend, Matt in 2008.  While both going to school, we had a baby (Maggie, 2009), and Matt graduated from the University of Utah (2010), and I graduated from Brigham Young University (2011) with an undergraduate degree in Family Science and a minor in music, just 2 weeks before our son, Mason was born.  What a wild ride!  Utah was home for almost 10 years while Matt and I did school, had our kids, had our first "real" jobs, and in 2014, Matt started a Master's degree in music education at Carnegie Mellon, and we relocated here to Pittsburgh.

Our kids are now starting to grow up (too quickly!), and Maggie's in 1st grade, and Mason is in preschool.  They are the best of friends, really great kids, and I love them to pieces.  I also love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, gardening, sewing, reading (my favorite book is Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet), and watching the Dick Van Dyke show with Matt.  Matt reminds me a lot of Rob Petrie's character.

My husband, Matt, is a music teacher, too, and with so much music in our home, it is filled with joy (and it's usually pretty loud, too).  I'm incredibly blessed, and I love sharing my joy of music with my students.

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