Recital 2014!

Our Recital pictures finally arrived!  Kristin Clove over at C Dot Love did a FANTASTIC job on these really candid (and sometimes goofy) pictures!  I wanted to show some gems to you.  My studio in Utah was such a source of joy to me, and I saw that joy in the faces of all of these kids.  I will start fresh in Pittsburgh, but I'll always hold a place in my heart for these great kids.  I really, truly, have the best job in the world!

In the above photo, the kids are doing actions to Verdi's Triumphant March.  On the right side, my Monday 2:45pm class is working together to play tone bells to make red, blue, and yellow chords (the way I introduce I, IV, and V chords).  Below, you see them having WAY too much fun during the dress rehearsal!

You'd never believe that Hailey (right) and Emma (below) have only been playing the Autoharp for only 8 months!  They played so well!

Below, Hadley played the end of Do, Re, Mi all by herself!  She told me that she practiced over a million times, even when it wasn't on the homework list for that week.  She's quite the budding musician!

Parents of these students, thank you for letting me work with these kiddos.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again - they are so FUN to work with!  What a blessing, what a gift, to have little people in my life!  I hope you had as much fun at the recital as I did!


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