My Studio is Pittsburgh!

My husband, Matt, loves school.  If he could earn money to support a family just by going to school, he would.  He LOVES learning.  In December of 2013, we both felt like it was time for him to go back to get his Master's degree.  And the hunt for schools started.  Eventually, things fell into place for him to have a full-tuition scholarship to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and we just couldn't pass that up!  So, my studio is Pittsburgh!

I have a few students who will remain part of my studio via Skype (what would we do without modern technology!?), but I have to say goodbye to the rest of my students.  Second only to watching how sad my kids are to move, I am so sad to finish this chapter in my life.  My music students have been a source of overwhelming happiness, and it has brought a sense of home to my house that I can't explain.

Thank you to the parents who have supported my decision to move.  Thank you to the parents who have supported music education for their children.  And especially, thanks to the kids I've been able to teach and learn from.

My new studio will open in the fall of 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.  We will live on Frayne Street in the Greenfield/Hazelwood neighborhood.

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