24th of July Parade!

If there's one thing we love in the Belliston family, it is a good ol' parade!  So, what better way to advertise for Let's Play Music than with a float in a parade?!

 This picture was taken before the parade started as we were finishing hanging streamers and more balloons to the float.  We kind of forgot to take pictures after that, so this is the "most finished" picture we took.  The best part of the float is the very back part, where the bubble blower was hooked up.  The little kids LOVED the bubbles!

Ok, this is going to show how not-so-tech-savvy I am....I don't know how to rotate the picture.  (I'll keep it small to minimize the fact that I'm not good at the computer!)

Thanks to all my Let's Play Music moms and students for getting their kiddos ready and over to the parade early so we could have some fun!  I think over half of the candy was thrown with some serious skill - do we have baseball players here?  (the other half was eaten by the kiddos, which is ok, too!) and all left happy!

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