Why sign up for Let's Play Music NOW?

Some of you have been wondering why it's so important to sign up for Let's Play Music so early.  It doesn't start until September, right? Right.  So why should I sign up NOW?  Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. To give your child the music-learning opportunity of a lifetime!Studies show that your child will do better musically, academically, behaviorally, and socially if he or she takes music lessons beginning as early as 3 years old.  Kids learn best when they're PLAYING.  A group-learning setting fosters excitement and allows kids to feel less pressure and stress than he or she would with one-on-one instruction.  Let's Play Music gives your child all of these!
  2. To guarantee your kiddo a spot in our classes. 'Oh, it's a small town.  It's never too late! These classes won't fill up.'  WRONG.  Because it's a small area, and because I still have young kids at home, I won't be teaching many classes.  I will be teaching just 1 class in Circleville, and 2 in Panguitch.  With a cap at 7 kids in each class, I can't promise there will be a spot guaranteed for your child if you don't hurry!
  3. To get a discount on the Supply/Materials Fee. Right now, for both Panguich and Circleville, it is only $95 for the Supply/Materials fee (even less for siblings, even if they take the class a few years apart).  After August 1st, it goes up because of more shipping fees. Why pay the extra $$ when you can sign up today?!
  4. To get a FREE T-shirt and a chance to ride on our floats in the parades this summer! (See picture on right for t-shirt design. Also available in adult sizes.) If you have your Registration Form and Supply/Materials Fee in by June 20th, you and your child get a FREE LPM T-SHIRT for riding my floats.  We're doing the 4th of July parade in Circleville, and the 24th of July parade in Panguitch.  **See Post on 5/20 "Want a Free LPM T-Shirt..." for more details.**
  5. To ensure your Supplies get here on time.  There are nearly 300 teachers who teach LPM across the country, and we've grown over 50 teachers this year alone.  This class is taking the country by storm! Because of that growth, our product shipping department is feeling the crunch to get the new volume of orders shipped.  They're trying to be as prepared as possible, but those last minute orders don't always get out as fast as the recipient hopes for.  When it gets to crunch time, wouldn't you rather have your supplies already here, rather than be waiting 10-14 business days (or longer towards the end of the summer) to receive your materials?
  6. It's FUN! Below is a demo video of Let's Play Music in action - what a great way to learn music!  With all of this fun AND learning, why would you want to wait another minute to get your child involved!  Call Michelle today at (435) 577-2269, email me, or check out (and like!) my Facebook Page.

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