Pittsburgh is a Winter Wonderland!

Oh, what do you do in the wintertime when the world is (finally!) white?

Here are some things my current students have been up to with the past couple storms!

So much fun!

My very favorite photo, though, and the inspiration for this post, is a photo taken by my daughter.  We were leaving the dentist's office, walking back to our car (we had to park a ways up the road), and we caught one of my 1st year students, Sam, being a "Snow Angel" for an elderly lady in his neighborhood.  He was polite and said hi to me, but while his mom and I talked a while longer, Sam got right back to work!

I'm always so sad when I have to cancel class for snow days.  I'm really glad to see that they still have a great time when we have these snow days!  

  Here's hoping the snow starts cooperating, and leaves my class days alone!

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