Recital 2015!

Each of my Let's Play Music recitals are as unique as the children who participate.  Just look at the differences in their shoes - no pair is alike!

This year, the recital was held at Technique by Toni Dance Studio, which proved to be the perfect venue!   The kids performed well, the audience of family and friends were so supportive and encouraging to the children, and the experience was worth every ounce of work.  I think everyone had a great time, and it was a great celebration to their first year of Let's Play Music learning!  I just can't say enough good about this year's group of kids!

I don't have words that would do the recital justice.  So I'll make an end to my post, and begin the photo journal of my 2015 Spring Let's Play Music Recital.  Enjoy!

Thanks, students and parents of my graduating Blue Bugs students!  It was a great year!  See you in the fall to begin the Green Turtle Shells semester!


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