Pajama Day 2015!

Here are photos from this week's class - PAJAMA DAY!  Here are a few shots to capture both our pajama-wearing, and our costume-wearing moments.  This week, for our puppet show (Verdi's Triumphant March, from Aida,), we dressed up like our puppets.  We have SO much fun in music class!  Thanks, parents, for letting me keep the kids a couple extra minutes to click some pictures!

These photos are from my 5pm class.  So sad we had one boy sick - luckily, my "lone ranger" boy who came to class got to be the king AND the knight!

Do you know how hard it is to 
pick just one of these to post? hard, I didn't!  
Seriously, I have the best job 
ever!  These kids are hilarious!  

These pictures are from my 12:30pm class.  Since it's an all-girls class, EVERYONE wanted to be the princess for our puppet show!  We had a hard time getting everyone to look at the camera, because we were having too much fun!

Aren't these girls so incredibly darling?! 

Even with all of this fun, we learned today, too!  (Who knew, right?)  The kids played the Autoharp - all by themselves, they learned Major vs minor tonality, reviewed staff reading, solfege hand signs, and more - all while PLAYING!  First Year of Let's Play Music so perfectly combines play with theory training, so the kids can be ready for Second and Third Year, where we continue the playing and the theory learing, and also learn to play the piano!

Want to know more?  So will your child!  Next week is bring-a-friend to class week.  If you'd like your child to come, check out my studio-specific information, and then register for my free, risk-free sample class here.  For more information on the program, visit the Let's Play Music Website.

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