2018-19 Let's Play Music

At 4 years old, she shows the red balloons taking
baby steps up the staff to make a major scale

**NEW** 2018-19 Schedule
1st Year Students:
Wednesdays, 11:00am
Wednesdays, 12:30pm
Wednesdays, 1:20pm
1st Year Students meet weekly for 45 minutes.  Parents attend every other week.

* Don't like class times offered?  Recruit 5 kids for a class, and Ms. Michelle will teach any time Wednesday or Thursday!

Classes begin September 12, 2018.
Registration fee: $20 per child, includes recital t-shirt
Tuition is $180/semester (Tuition due 9/12)
*Pay-per-month option: $50/month
Materials Fee for entire 2018-19 school year: $88, includes tone bells, 2 theory books, 2 CDs with digital download option, rhythm flashcards.

*For families with financial need, partial scholarships and trades may be available. Ask Michelle For details.

Parent Participation: During the 1st year, a parent attends every other class with the student.  Siblings are not allowed in LPM classes. (During the second and third year of LPM, parents attend only every fourth class.)  The parental involvement is key to this program.  You will find not only do you gain a musician from Let's Play Music, but you develop a stronger relationship with your child.  Win-win!

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